Unique Poola Jada Designs

One of our friends specified one day that in olden days poola jada was made with dry fruits and small plastic dolls for sreemantham function or baby shower and that her father used to make such kind of poola jada.

Curiosity to see how a poola jada with dry fruits would look like… we searched google for almost 15 days…finding nothing in indian culture our search went on to look for egyptian,chinese japanese floral hairstyles..and finally after a lot of search…with terms like poo mudipu or poo mudithal…we got the designs…the custom of decorating poola jada with dryfruits,dolls and grapes still exist in some cultures may be tamilians…and probably they do it for the well being and healthiness of the mother…but it is very interesting and so we share some of the pictures we found online for our fans 

Fruit and Nut Jada…. the name itself is WOW!

Poola Jada made with pista,badam,cherries,
kissmiss,kaju and i think bottom one is the beetal leaves(paan)

Fruit & Nut Jada

Couples Jada or Doll Jada:

Poola Jada made with old plastic dolls

Couple Jada or Doll Jada

 Grapes jada:

Poola Jada made with flowers and black grapes in between

Jada with grapes
 Snake Jada:

Poola Jada with snake design

Snake Jada

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