bapu bomma

Pushpanjali is our way of offering flowers,designed exclusively for Indian women and young girls, who desire to have a traditional floral hairstyle(Poola Jada) to look the best for that special once in a lifetime event.

“Malle andam maguva keruka” is a famous line from a famous telugu song meaning the beauty of the jasmine flower is
known specially to women.Our passion for flowers has transformed to creating floral designs to help women and young girls have a beautiful hairstyle.

We design light weight floral designs:
-Poola jada with real flowers
-Poola jada with artificial flowers
-Poola jada with pearls,beads and other decorative accessories

Floral designs can also be designed to match the color of the saree or dress chosen to wear at the occasion.

We are newly blooming and currently take orders in Hyderabad area.


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